What is the song “ All for the Music” about?


My anthem! It’s a little truth about where I’ve been. I have fallen HARD but, at the end of the day having music to fall back on, writing it, playing it, performing it...It  saves my life! I am so grateful for the ability to write songs that people like me connect to...All for the music!

A little bit of where I’ve been


My songwriting led me to Showcase in Nashville. After that I had the opportunity to open for some amazing acts such as, Cassidee Pope, Pure Prarie League, David Alan Coe, Josh Turner, Colt Ford, and The first opening act for the  Jason Aldean , Craig Campbell, Lady Antebellum show. 

What is My Dirty Truth?

The Music I’m releasing on the “My Dirty Truth” album reflects the life of a traveling exotic featur

This album has extreme autobiographical  content. It reflects the life of a traveling exotic feature show girl. War stories of alcohol, drug and sex addiction with an infectious melodic feel.


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